The Dakine Daylight Surf Hybrid board bag is the ideal surfboard bag for storing and transporting your wider or alternative shaped board. The generous outline ensures a near custom fit for your hybrid-style boards. Once tucked inside, your board will enjoy protection from heat and sun, plus ding protection thanks to 1/4-inch foam. The Daylight Surf Hybrid bags come in a whole run of sizes to fit your one-of-a-kind shape.

Capa Dakine 6ft3 DAYLIGHT-HYBRID Stencil Palm

Loja - Gratuito - 5 a 7 dias úteis - excepto ilhas ;
Domicílio - 6,00€ (Gratuito acima de 60€) - até 5 dias úteis - excepto pranchas surf

Prazo - Trocas e Devoluções até 30 dias ;


Capa 6ft3 DAYLIGHT-HYBRID 50% Polipropileno|50% Nylon
  • Cor: Stencil Palm
  • Estação: outono 2018
Está a avaliar: Capa Dakine 6ft3 DAYLIGHT-HYBRID Stencil Palm
Tail | Cor Stencil Palm
Estação ↓ outono 2018
Composição 50% Polipropileno|50% Nylon

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