Prancha Surf JS 6'0 XERO PU Squash Tail - White PU

Prancha Surf JS 6'0 XERO PU Squash Tail - White FCS II Thruster 6ft0

850,00 €

Loja - Gratuito - 5 a 7 dias úteis - excepto ilhas ;
Domicílio - 6,00€ (Gratuito acima de 60€) - até 5 dias úteis - excepto pranchas surf

Prazo - Trocas e Devoluções até 30 dias ;


Prancha Surf 6'0 XERO PU PU
  • Cor: Squash Tail - White
  • Estação: primavera 2023
Está a avaliar: Prancha Surf JS 6'0 XERO PU Squash Tail - White FCS II Thruster 6ft0
Tail | Cor Squash Tail - White
Género Unissexo
Estação primavera 2023
Composição PU
Sistema de Fins FCS II Thruster
Volume(L) 33.80
Espessura(pol.) 2.56
Largura(pol.) 20.25
Família Prancha Surf

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The same concave as the Monsta Box 2020, deep throughout for greater lift, suiting smaller / less powerful conditions.

Single concave under front foot moves to double concave between the fins. Based on team favourites, JS chose to go back to his “reverse concave” which is deeper under front foot and shallower at each end of the board. We found this to be the fastest of them all, as it creates maximum water flow.


Rocker The same rocker as the superseded Blak Box 3. An overall low to flat rocker is the perfect all-round rocker creating speed and glide in small to average conditions.
Fin setup The Xero comes stock as a thruster. Alternative setups are available with custom orders.
Glassing specs Boards 5'6" - 5'11" glassed standard with 4 oz. deck x 4 oz. bottom. Boards 5'11" - 6'4" glassed 4 x 3 oz. deck and 4 oz. bottom. 6'6 and up glassed standard with 4 x 4 oz deck x 4 oz. bottom (All sizes come standard with Hybrid Fibre tail strips)
Rail type The Xero has medium full rails, the same as the Monsta Box 2020. This performance based rail shape allows for precision when the right section stands up, yet has enough volume to get you through fat sections or avoid catch in chop.

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